"Who Else Wants to Learn: How to Create, Market, & Sell Your Own Information Products?"

Discover systems to quickly and easily create books, e-books, audios, CD-ROMs, videos, and DVDs to double or triple your revenue as an information marketer of any kind.

By Terry Dean

I recently attended the best 3 day event on information product creation and marketing in existence. It was Fred Gleeck's Information Bootcamp...and it was so good I secured the rights to offer the event recordings to my customers.

It covered in exact detail the step-by-step methods you need to create your own information products.

Instead of teasing you with bullet after bullet...the outline used at the event has been shown below. I dare you to look through it...and not find at least a dozen strategies you want to know more about.

And as you've come to expect from me, instead of paying the normal $397 for the recordings...or the $997 you'd pay for the event...I've packaged it so you can get all 15+ hours for less than $100. You spend less than 1/10th what the attendees paid for the same information.

Find out more below...

Yours in Success,
Terry Dean
Terry Dean

P.S. If you have any questions, please feel free to use my customer support system or call my office at 765-332-2509.

Now here's Fred Gleeck...

Dear Friend,

Fred GleeckIf you're thinking of producing an information product (and you should be), this could be the most important webpage you'll ever read.

If you'd like to double or triple your income in the information marketing business, this is THE product for you! If you're an author, speaker, consultant or information marketer of any kind, you can't afford to miss this extravaganza...

Over the last 17+ years I've developed a massive number of information products (close to 500) for myself and my clients. More importantly I've generated close to $10 million dollars from the sales of these products.

I shared exactly how I do it in an information packed 3-day event.

This wasn't any airy-fairy theoretical weekend affair. This was a comprehensive, content-rich event for people interested in leaving with ALL of the tools necessary to create a complete line of products and an information marketing "empire."

This is same system that I've used myself to create my own thriving information "empire". As opposed to many people out there, I actually DO what I TEACH.

You too can have 9 or 10 separate market niches (if you choose) that will generate you mountains of cash.

I've also used this system to help thousands of other authors, speakers, consultants and other information marketers do the same thing.

Why not wake up (as I do many mornings) to orders totaling close to $2700 for your products and services. Why not make money literally while you sleep?

It's All About Lifestyle - YOUR Lifestyle!

You work to create a lifestyle for yourself. Your concept of how you want to life is unique. I want to help you achieve the lifestyle YOU dream about and deserve.

For me, I want to spend the winter months in a warm climate. So, I'm in the Las Vegas area from November to May. I also love New York City. So, I'm there from June through October.

I like being in a business that will let me go back and forth between these two places and enjoy virtually unlimited personal freedom.

What do you want? What kind of lifestyle do you dream about?

This event will help make those dreams a reality. I guarantee it.

How Will This Event Be Different?

In addition to speaking and promoting a lot of seminars, I'm a seminar junkie myself. I have a serious gripe with most of the seminars/bootcamps that I attend. Most of them suck! They either have speakers that are extremely dynamic with great speaking skills, or speakers with great content that can't speak worth a damn.

At this event, I gave both.

Glenn Livingston, Terry Dean, and Barbara Warburg were my guest speakers. Each one gave a logical, step-by-step plan to help catapult your business into the stratosphere. You'll have a specific course of action to take. Nothing is left to chance!

You missed this three day information packed event...but I've put together all 15+ hours of audio for you...every word...every hotseat...and every profit boosting moment...at an almost unheard of price in the marketing field.

A Few (of many) Key Concepts Shared At This Event:

  • Develop an auto-pilot marketing system to put as much as $2200+ a day in your pocket
  • 7 deadly sins to avoid that less than 1% of information marketers even know about
  • Secrets of long-time information marketers that would take you years to discover "solo"
  • 11 things you must avoid when creating ANY information product
  • Why you should always be developing products regardless of your situation
  • Domain secrets that will generate you returns on investment of 1000% or more

You hear the "straight story" with no holds barred. A lot of seminar leaders try to be politically correct or sugar coat the truth. That did NOT happen here. Myself and the rest of the speakers give you the straight story no matter who we offend. We don't worry about what boat we're rocking or whose apple cart we're turning over. All sacred cows will be massacred.

What's different about this event? Most events give you a lot of theoretical mumbo jumbo. Often all you hear is a lot of unintelligible psychobabble or worse yet, speakers whose primary goal is to impress you with how brilliant they are.

A lot of seminars give you a lot of theory, BS and vacuous FLUFF. This event has none of that. Just highly relevant, immediately useable, easy to implement content. No theory, just practical, useable ideas.

Won't that be a welcome change?

Who Should Take Advantage of This Offer?

Anyone who wants to substantially increase their incomes from the creation of a line of information products including books, ebooks, audios, CD-ROMs, Videos, DVD's, seminars, teleseminars, coaching, or consulting.

This would include authors, publishers, speakers, trainers, consultants or any business owner who has accumulated a wealth of information about a specific topic. Why only make money from your business? Why not also make money from the knowledge you've acquired over the last "x" number of years.

Who Should NOT Get These 15+ Hours of Training?

Please do not take advantage of this offer if you aren't open to new ideas or think you know it all. I have no interest in trying to work with someone who will not open their minds to new ideas that have been proven to work.

Some of the information at this event is so different than the status-quo that you'll have to keep an open mind. Trust me, you'll be amazed.

What Others Say About My Events:

"The bootcamp was by far the best workshop I have ever attended. As I told you Friday morning, I felt I had received my money's worth after your presentation first thing in the morning. The light bulbs were going off in my head all over the place!

They kept going off during every presentation I came away with a knowledge base that is 1000% greater than what I went in with. I feel I have all the tools now to get my business to the level to which I want it to be. Your bootcamp has saved me at least three-five years of time. Thanks so much and I would recommend this bootcamp to anyone who wants to succeed in the information marketing business."
--Carol Amato - Stargazer Publishing Company

"Fred's seminar is full of immediately useful money making information. This is the real deal!"
--Ken Greco, Spotsylvania, VA

"This was the most content rich seminar I've ever been to."
--Carol Covin, Bristow, VA

"I've been an international speaker and educator for 24 years. In my extensive travels I have received great coaching and tuition from speakers like yourself . . . I is from the depth of my heart when I say that I have never met anyone who gives with such energy joy and love as you do - and what is more important, it is batched in integrity for it comes from your heart to ours. Thanks Fred for being who you really are and blessing us with your essence"
--Roger Anthony

"Fred Gleeck is phenomenal: He is straight-forward, no-nonsense and right on track with his expert advice. He packs his seminars with plenty of practical, useful and effective tips based on his own first-hand experiences.

A few years ago I took his consultants seminar in which he advised participants to 'write a book to establish yourself as an expert.' I followed his advice, and am now an accomplished best-selling author and consulting expert for network TV. When Fred Gleeck speaks, entrepreneurs and business executives everywhere should listen. He is simply a marketing genius."
--Dr. Grace Cornish, Author/Therapist, New York, NY

"Fred Gleeck's knowledge of internet marketing and his ability to teach it are both unparalleled!"
--Don Hutson, Past President, NSA; Author, Speaker and C.E.O. of U.S. Learning

"A lot of great, useful ideas in a short time - very information-dense."
--Mark Sanborn, C.S.P., C.P.A.E., Past President, NSA

"All meat, specific recommendations, all documented in handouts, illustrated with real world outcomes and delivered with conviction! Fred is blunt and practical so get ready to get real when listening to him."
--Jim Cathcart, C.S.P., C.P.A.E., Past President, NSA

"More profitable ideas per minute than I could imagine."
--Dru Scott Decker

"Fred Gleeck is amazing. He knows it all - and can help you use it all - in your website and internet marketing."
--Bert Decker, CSP, CPAE, Member: Speakers Hall of Fame

"An idea a minute - great marketing information as well as technological how-to's."
--Dianna Booher, C.S.P., C.P.A.E., author of 42+ books

"Fred's passion is only exceeded by his knowledge. What a spectacular presentation!"
--Scott McKain, Member: Speakers Hall of Fame

"Wall to wall power packed content.WOW!"
--Danny Cox, C.S.P, C.P. A.E.

"Content Packed . . . Fast Paced . . .Multi faceted . . . Stimulating . . Generous!"
--Naomi Rhode, CSP, CPAE, Member: Speakers Hall of FamePast President, NSA

"When the student is ready, the teacher appears!"
--Jim Rhode, Past President, NSA

"Entertaining . . . handouts loaded . . clearly understandable . . . available . . .confidence builder . . . Masterful presentation .. . Fred just keeps on giving."
--Ty Boyd, C.S.P., C.P.A.E; Member: Speakers Hall of Fame, Broadcast Hall of Fame

"I can use the content and resources provided to me to make money 24/7 through cyberspeace. I now know what I have to do to make that work, and I can't wait to put this information to work."
--Terry Paulson

"This seminar blows the competition away. Discover a marketing program so complete you'll instantly receive the tools necessary to launch your success. This seminar is a must for anyone desiring to take their marketing campaign to the next level."
--Jilliana Raymond

(These are a TINY sample of all of the testimonials we receive)

My name is Fred Gleeck and I'll be your host for this event. I feel like it's "bragging" to talk about myself, so I'll just give you just the facts.

I have:

  • Been marketing and selling information products for almost 20 years
  • Personally sold close to $3 million dollars worth of my own information products
  • Helped my clients sell over ten times that amount of various information products
  • Written 9 books and I've got 5 more on the way (All on topics related to marketing/info products)
  • Done over 1350 one-day seminars in since 1983
  • Produced hundreds of audio and video programs for myself and my clients
  • Coached thousands of people on how to market and create their own info products
  • Trained over 17,000 people in the last 17+ years

What Covered At This Event

This is a general outline of what was covered (here was our basic course outline - sorry if it's not salesy enough for you):

  • Introduction
    • My background and why it makes sense for me to be hosting this event
    • How I got started with information products and the mistakes YOU won't make that I did
    • My different market niches and why I suggest you consider a similar course of action
    • How this seminar is divided: background, product creation, marketing, sales
  • Definition: Any product or service that you can sell to people to provide them with information
  • Why Sell Information Products?
    • Margins are incredible as opposed to most other products/services
    • Simple things to make massive amounts of money literally while you sleep
    • Makes you an expert/authority on the topic - thus generating you speaking engagements, etc.
    • Other benefits to marketing information products: live anywhere, etc.
  • Selecting a Market: You Need to Select a Niche
    • Your personal background
    • Your personal interests
    • Only work on projects where you have a passion
    • Niche must be big enough to warrant your time
    • How many total buying units?
    • How willing are they as a group to spend money on these kinds of items?
    • If your goal is to go after the mass market, start with a few niche markets first
  • Info Product Creation
    • Introduction to This Section
      • Don't try and make your products perfect . . . adopt that philosophy and they'll never get made
      • People learn through different modalities: develop things they can read, hear, see and touch
      • Learn how to do things before you start and save yourself time/aggravation/money
    • Funnel System: Think price points, not products to begin with
      • Audio Cassettes
      • CD-ROMs
      • Software
      • Seminars
      • Videos
      • Speaking Engagements
      • Home Study Courses
      • Bootcamps
      • Coaching
      • Teleseminars
      • Consulting
    • Reports (both physical and e-delivered)
      • Price point under $10, fewer than 10 pages in length (ideally 5-7 pages)
      • Give very concentrated information that can be immediately utilized
      • Give specific contacts for people to go to
      • Make sure and deliver MUCH MORE than $10 worth of info
      • What your Resource box must contain and why
    • Books
      • Understanding the basics of book publishing
      • Toughest to do, but ABSOLUTELY necessary
      • 3 Reasons why people don't write a book and how you can avoid them
      • Your system for book writing: Research/Write/Print/Sell/Backend
      • Follow this path and all of the other products are easy
      • Book Creation:
        • Standard short run book publishers
        • POD printers: what are they what you MUST know
        • Quick and dirty book makers
    • Designing and Creating E-books
      • One simple way to justify higher prices for an ebook that work every time
      • Where and why you have to position your bounce back offers
      • What kind of a free offer you need to make and how to deliver it
      • Why you need to create links within your book
      • How important is your cover and how to get it done cheap
    • Creating Audio Programs
      • In-Studio: Solo/Interview Style: Tips from an expert interviewer
      • Interview: In Person/Over the Phone: Which is best and why
      • Seminars: How to ensure a HIGH QUALITY audio recording at live events
      • Equipment:
        • What should you buy and how much should you spend? (your best source to buy from)
        • Analog vs. digital recorders: which one and why?
        • Which digital formats should I be concerned with and why?
      • Editing:
        • Is it necessary? If so, when and why?
        • Other critical issues you must know
        • Outsourcing duplication vs. in-house duplication: when to do both
        • Packaging secrets you must know to save yourself big bucks
        • Fulfillment: when to do it in house and when to outsource it
    • Creating Video Products
      • Live seminar recording: how to do it right
      • Always have back-up equipment, make sure that audio connects directly
      • When to hire professionals and when to do-it-yourself
      • Why you should always have a script and how to do it right
    • CD-ROMs/Computer Programs: a way to generate BIG money
    • Seminars
      • Great way to get people to pay to be prospects
      • Understand the formula: TR=SR+PS+CB and why it's critical to your success
      • When and where to use them as a front-end product and how to do it correctly
      • Promoting your seminar on and off line: the keys to not breaking the bank
      • How to get more information that will help you make sure that you succeed
    • Bootcamps
      • When, where and why you should do multi day, multi-speaker events
      • The single best way to market and promote any bootcamp
      • Speakers compensation: how to do it right
      • Creating a boatload of people to help promote the event and what compensation to give
    • Speaking Engagements
      • Video demos: when to use them, how to produce them
      • Your single most important printed promotional sheet
      • Bureaus: inside secrets that less than 5% of professional speakers even know
      • Direct Business: how to make it so that you get people coming to you
      • What to have on your website that promotes the speaking side of your business
    • Teleseminars
      • Why they are one of the most important things you can do
      • Why they are so appealing to your attendees and how to capitalize on this fact
      • Vendors to get your bridge lines at the lowest possible cost and most features
    • One-on-One Coaching
      • When and how to design a program for maximum effectiveness for you and your clients
      • Pricing your coaching service to create the highest perception of value
      • Why coaching is essential for YOUR success in your information marketing business
      • Contracts: are they necessary? Examples
    • Consulting
      • Best way to get consulting is to have people come to you - (best when you have a book)
      • How to get a flood of people coming up to you after a seminar to get consulting work
      • When do you charge for the first meeting with a client?
      • The single most important element to selling your consulting services
      • Using your funnel to "migrate" people up the ladder to higher and higher priced products
      • Setting up standard response mechanisms: fax, email, contracts, etc.
  • Marketing and Selling Your Info Products
    • Introduction to this Section
      • Why you must offer products at different price points/different modalities
      • Discovering a system to fill the funnel and then trade people up automatically
      • Which methods of marketing you should use and why
      • Look for others to sell your info products as well
    • You Need Systems
      • Web based system
      • System for fulfilling orders off-line
      • System for people/money
      • System for tracking the effectiveness of your advertising/promo methods
    • Your Database: Your Single MOST important asset:
      • Which databases do I use and why
    • Titling Your Products: MOST important unless you're a well-known entity
    • Pricing Your Products for Maximum Revenue
      • Many prices points can be a combination of multiple products
      • A comprehensive system to price any product that you can imagine
      • The Thud Factor. Making sure that you deliver both value and bulk
    • The Funnel System
      • Under $10 - Special Reports
      • $10 - $30 - Your Book or e-book
      • $50 - 2-Cassette Audio or CD-Rom
      • $100 - Newsletter
      • $200 - Videos
      • $300 - 1-Day seminar
      • $400 - Tele-seminars
      • $500 - 2-Day Seminar
      • $600 - Full-Day Seminar on Audio Tape/CD
      • $700 - Coaching Services
      • $800 - Multi-Day Bootcamp
      • $900 - Manuals
      • $1000 - All of the Above
      • $1000 - High-End Consulting
    • Payment Methods
      • Make it Easy for People to Buy
      • Why you should always take checks and how to avoid getting stiffed
      • On-line ordering systems to make it easy for both you and your clients
      • Why it is ABSOLUTELY essential to have both an on and offline account
      • Cash/Money Orders should always be accepted
      • What one form of payment should you NEVER accept?
    • Testimonials: The "Mother's Milk" of the Product Sales Process
      • At the end of any event, hand out an evaluation and what you MUST say when you do
      • When someone calls you to thank you, this is the time to hit them up - ask for a fax
      • What's the best form to receive a testimonial in and how you can get them
      • Many will want you to write and have them sign - beware of ONE thing
      • The single most important thing that someone can allow you to do with their testimonial
    • Marketing Philosophy: Start with those methods that are least expensive & match your personal style
      • Keys to generating leads at little or no charge
      • How to get your articles published in other people's E-zines
      • When to do pro-bono work and charity benefits and hot to make them PAY
      • How to get to teach at continuing education classes
      • Networking at other people's seminars/event; alumni associations, church groups, etc.
      • Where to sign up to teach free classes for maximum exposure
      • How to use radio publicity at www.radiopublicity.com
      • Other little known and seldom used marketing methods that work
    • Selling Your Products Through Others
      • Dealers/Affiliates: important information you must know before getting going in this area
      • How to find a boatload of affiliates that will generate you a steady flow of cash/profit
      • When and how should you license your products for maximum effectiveness
      • What is a standard license and when you should use it
      • What's a master license and when you should use it
      • Resale Rights: when to use them and how to make them work
    • Writing Copy: Critical whether its copy on your website or anywhere else
      • Most people can do this on their own - how to make it the best you can
      • Which promotional materials are critical to write effectively
      • Simple copy concepts you must understand to be successful
    • Designing a Website That Sells: Your website is the HEART of your sales system!
      • Tricks to assuring that your website is super-effective
      • Critical web mistakes that 99.9% of website owners are making that YOU will NOT
      • Your two goals when people come to your site and how to accomplish them
    • Driving Traffic to Your Site
      • When and how to use public forums to promote yourself and your site and drive traffic there
      • Systems to using pay-per-click search engines to maximize traffic at minimum cost
      • Using auction sites to generate traffic to your sites in a not-so-subtle time
      • What you need to know NOW about search engine placement
    • Write Articles in Trade Publications
      • What you need to say to any editor which will make them say YES immediately
      • The single most important thing for you to do before making a call to any publication
      • What you should know about the industry before you pick up the phone
      • What you must have ready to send before you even get on the phone to contact anyone
      • What MUST be included with every article you write as your "payment" for your work
    • Space Ads
      • When and how it will work
      • Try and make the ad "self-liquidating" to make it a zero cost item
      • Deciding on an effective front-end product that will get you the
      • The single biggest ancillary benefit that will accrue to you from space ads
    • Classified Ads
      • How and why to test classified ads
      • The single most important key to your success in classifieds
      • A great way to build your funnel
      • Give them multiple means to respond: toll free phone, email, fax, etc.
    • Postcards
      • Only method of traditional direct marketing that is still affordable
      • Direct them to call a free recorded message or send them to a website address
      • Your only goal with prospects is to get them to call or go to a website
      • Customers can be sold low end products with a postcard alone
    • Selling Products from the Platform
      • If you like doing seminars/speaking, this can be a great sales outlet
      • Key is to have products that you believe in
      • Offer people a great deal at the event
      • Refer to my book: "Selling Products from the Platform"
    • Your Product Catalogue
      • You need a catalogue of all your products for a niche in both an on and off line form
      • List bullets in benefit form under each product you offer in the catalogue
      • Make sure and include a number of lists: 7 things you must; 4 deadly sins to avoid, etc.
      • Give bundled offers to increase average order size
    • Returns: Reducing them to ALMOST Zero
      • There will always be a few people who take and copy your stuff and return it
      • If they do it twice, put a DO NOT SELL order in their file on your database
      • Deliver immediately usable, easy to understand products that are packed with meat (no fluff)
  • Preventing THEFT of Your Intellectual Property
    • A certain number of people will take and "share" your information with others
    • Accept this as reality, don't fight it - encryption or password protection won't eliminate is
    • Imbed offers into your products, mention 800 numbers, give offers to "registered" users
  • Other Possible Sales Methodologies
    • Infomercials
    • Creating Your Own Publications
    • Associations/Trade Shows
    • Others?
    • Telephone Selling: Spend time closing people by phone if ticket is LARGE enough
  • Conclusion
    • Info product selling is a great business and will only continue to get better
    • Create your "systems" before you start, not after
    • GET STARTED: even if you have to sell other peoples products
    • Develop your own products as soon as possible
    • Set up a system that's web-based
    • Make a lot of money and have a whole lot of fun
  • Evaluations
  • Creation of Your Plan
  • Questions and Answer Session (at the end of each day)
  • Hotseats (at the end of each day)

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If This Sounds Like a Lot of Information, You're Right!

It is. I can't stand events that are filled with vacuous crap. This seminar was packed with meat!

We had three mystery speakers at the event...Terry Dean, Glenn Livingston, and Barbara Warburg.

Terry Dean is an internet "legend." If you haven't heard him before this is a great opportunity to hear him and all of his NEW ideas.

Terry spent much of his time discussing how to effectively build a list. He's a master in this field having built up a list of well over 135,000 people MANY years ago when he first started marketing online.

Glenn talked to us about the value of doing a probe campaign that consists of more than just a single question that you ask in any market. The net result of Glenn's system is that in the 12 niche markets that he's involved in, all of them have been profitable. This is an amazing track record.

Glenn spoke and then answered questions from the group. If you haven't seen or heard Glenn, this is another good reason to get a hold of the audios.

Barbara spoke on Sunday before lunch. She took my entire info product creation and marketing system and put it into a very specific roadmap. When you give out a lot of information it sometimes becomes confusing as to what you should do in what order. In her presentation, Barbara cleared that up and gave anyone the tools to launch an info product business.

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Information Bootcamp CDYou missed the event...but you don't have to miss out on the value. Every word was recorded...and it's all available to you now on CD for only $97. This is one CD will all 15 hours in mp3 format...for easy listening on your computer, iPod, or any mp3 enabled CD player. If you want regular CD recordings, you have permission to make one set for your own use (or contact our office for the whole set in CD format at a cost of $395).

This isn't fancy packaging, and it's simple to ship. So you get a huge bargain at $97.

The event itself cost $997 so you're getting it for 1/10th the price the attendees paid.

Plus you're saving on travel...hotel fees...food...etc.

Compare this to the cost of any other information training product you can find. They'll cost you a minimum of $395 or more for similar event recordings.

The Information Products business CAN be incredibly lucrative . IF you know how to do it. For most people, the cost of these recordings can be earned in just a few days.

You'll learn things that could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to you over the next few years.

You owe it to yourself to invest in this incredible opportunity. Take action now. If you set this aside, you'll end up forgetting about it.

Don't do that!

You'll miss out on your opportunity to uncover the secrets information product creation and marketing.

But, that choice will be up to you. If you don't honestly feel that I've given you ten times the value of what you've paid, I DEMAND that you ask for your money back.

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